Local authority partnerships

Many local authorities are partnering with The Key to support their schools and drive efficiency savings as budgets tighten.

Popular ways of working with The Key

We can tailor our approach to suit your requirements, whether you wish to fund, subsidise, or facilitate access for schools. We will work closely with you to ensure optimal take-up and use of the service. Popular ways to work with The Key are:

  • Facilitating reduced cost of membership on behalf of schools (and charging costs back to them)
  • Including The Key in your Service Level Agreement with schools (basic package, opt-in or opt-out)
  • Buying access for all schools, or a set number of schools (single- and multi-year agreements)

Benefits of partnering with The Key

Cost savings

By working with The Key in this way you will enable schools to access the service at a significantly reduced price

Freeing up your advisory staff

The Key will become the first port of call for help on day-to-day issues and the national agenda. This will free up advisory and other staff to spend much more time in schools, adding maximum value

Data and insights

We can provide data on the questions being asked by school leaders in your authority, sorted by role and phase, size and type of school. This can help you spot gaps in knowledge and plan training tailored to local needs.

Resources for advisers

When a partnership exceeds a minimum percentage of schools, we can offer your advisory staff read-only access to The Key’s website

Contact us to discuss partnering with The Key

For more information about how we can support you, please call 0800 089 0052 and ask to be put through to “business development”.

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