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rich_jewell_circle_150px.pngRichard Jewell  chief operating officer

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Andrew McKeever - product manager andrew_mckeever_circle_150px.png

Before taking on the role of Product Manager Andrew was a research team leader (The Key for School Leaders), having previously been a researcher in the staff team, and lead researcher.  His history BA course at the University of Sussex included a year of  study in California. After graduating, Andrew took a postgraduate law conversion course. He carried out legal research on behalf of an attorney who specialised in capital punishment appeals in America, and then he went on to work for both a poverty-based charity and a human rights group dealing with issues in Northern Ireland.


Marianne Pope - product manager marianne_pope_circle_150px.png

During her time as an undergraduate, she worked as a coach and national level judge of trampoline gymnastics. Marianne holds a BA in Spanish and Italian from Cambridge University and an MA in translation studies from Durham University.


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