Member service team

rich_jewell_circle_150px.pngRichard Jewell  chief operating officer

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Ed Castle – member support officer

Ed has worked as a quality technician in a ready meals factory and as a student records officer at BPP Law School. He currently contributes to a weekly online football blog for a local newspaper. Ed holds a BA in anthropology and media from Goldsmiths College.


Amy Doman – member support team leader

Before she joined The Key, Amy worked for the South East Wales Achievement Service and in an advisory role for school governors. Amy holds a BA in French and Spanish from the University of Swansea.



Zia Nwosu – member support officer

Zia has previously worked as an administrator for a charity-training provider in the publishing sector. Zia holds a BA in English language and communication from the University of Hertfordshire.



Annaliese Ullah – member engagement officer

Annaliese has previously worked as a digital marketing recruiter, a teaching assistant and university officer. Annaliese holds a BSc (Hons) in psychology in education from Lancaster University.


kaherine_joshlin_circle_150px.pngKatherine Joslin- member support officer

Katherine graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2014 with a BA in French and German. After university, she did an internship for a renewable energy company in Germany, and also worked on a horse farm. Before joining The Key, Katherine worked at Champagne Taittinger in France giving tours around its cellars.


Anna Chapman- member support officer anna_chapman_circle_128px.png

Anna graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA (Hons) in Geography, she went on to gain Early Years Teacher Status from Middlesex University a year later. Before joining The Key as a Member Support Officer, Anna was a Client Service and Data Executive for a media data company. 


Victoria Collingridge- member support officer 

Victoria holds a BA in Education, Culture & Society from Goldsmiths University, and prior to joining The Key had just completed an MA in Human Rights, Culture and Social Justice. Before joining The Key as a Member Support Officer Victoria worked as an administative assistant as well as a volunteer at a women's refuge.


​Lloyd Owen- member engagement officer 

Lloyd previously worked in sales, customer service and administration; with his previous role selling mobile phones. With a keen ear for anything sound based, he holds a qualification in Sound Engineering and Music Technology.


Hannah Greason- member engagement officer hannah_greason_circle_150px.png

Before joining The Key, Hannah taught English for a year at a secondary school in Sunderland before assisting with the product management of a parental engagement tool for primary schools. She graduated from Durham University with a BA in education with sociology. While at university, Hannah managed her college coffee shop, where she quickly learned she prefers drinking cappuccinos to making them.


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