HR, finance and office management

Lucy Cooper- accounts assistant lucy_cooper_circle_150px.png

Before Lucy joined The Key in May 2015, she worked in the shipping industry for seven years. Her role involved dealing with overseas agents, quotations and invoicing, and building strong relationships with her customers while maintaining high profits across the services she looked after.  Lucy has always been interested in finance, and outside of work she is currently studying for her qualifications from the Association of Accounting Technicians.


James Pears – business analystjames_pears_circle_150px.png

James previously worked for a lifestyle management company sourcing tickets and hospitality for sports, theatre and music events. James holds a BA in politics from the University of Leicester.



Amundeep Dhanoa – head of human resources

Amundeep Dhanoa is the Head of HR. She graduated from the University of Warwick in 2008 with a BSc in economics with economic history. Amundeep worked in the Ten company's human resources team before taking a career break in 2010 to travel around New Zealand, Australia, Asia and South America. Having returned to work in the HR department, and developed expertise in managing recruitment, Amundeep moved across to The Key, managing recruitment processes through a time of considerable expansion.


Kayleigh La Forte - HR officer kayleight_la_forte_circle_150px.png

Kayleigh previously worked as an office coordinator for a travel company, seeing them through an intense period of expansion. Having always been fascinated by the world and people around her she holds a BA in Sociology from Leeds University. At The Key she is putting her people skills to good use within the Human Resources team as the HR Coordinator.


​Tom Ryan- director of business improvement tom_ryan_circle_150px.png

Tom is responsible for making sure The Key's services offer members unmatched quality and great value. His team ensures that members get support that's authoritative, free from bias and deeply practical, and also challenges every team at the company to continuoulsly improve. Tom joined The Key in 2011 as a researcher, before quickly moving to quality assurance manager, and then to quality team leader. He’s been the company’s strategic lead for quality since late 2014.

Tom says:
“Achieving high quality is one of The Key’s core values. For me this means making sure everything we do is completely focused on the needs of our members, and that we get it right every day so they get the support they deserve. We’re never satisfied, and we’re always rethinking what we do to help members work more effectively, make the most of their time, and get better value from our services.”

Tom’s past work has included policy development in education, and producing national guidance for schools. He's also taught English, managed an environmental education project, and developed volunteering programmes for environmental charities. Before joining The Key, he worked as a freelance editor, specialising in editing translation. He has a degree in manufacturing engineering and management from Nottingham University, and an MSc in public policy from UCL.


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