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School system failing pupils with additional needs 
October 2017
School leaders across England raise concerns that the  current "rigid and discriminatory" school system prevents some pupils from reaching their full potential.
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  • Depression and self-harm on the rise among school children
              July 2017 Read more
  • Less-academic children 'set up to fail'
             May 2017 Read more
  • Primary school leaders express a vote of no confidence in assessments
May 2017 Read more
  • Spike in child mental health issues during exams 
May 2017 - Read more
  • Schools cutting everything from staff to stationery to balance budgets
March 2017 - Read more
  • Businesses lead drive to professionalise school governance with new online training
February 2017 - Read more
  • Schools making decisions in the dark on academy conversion 
            February 2017 - Read more 
  • Schools battling negative & offensive comments from parents online
            November 2016 - Read more  
  • Worry in schools on the rise over pupil mental health

​September 2016 - Read more
  • Children with SEND let down by system-wide failings 

          June 2016 - Read more
  • A third of children not primary school ready

​          May 2016 - Read more
  • Schools struggle with demand for school places

​          April 2016 - Read more
  • Increased pressure on schools as heads face far-reaching pupil health and safeguarding issues

​          June 2015 - Read more
  • School leaders voice widespread concerns on the State of Education

​          April 2015 - Read more
  • Senior leaders support calls for sex education in primary schools

​          Feb 2015 - Read more
  • A third of school buildings are not fit for purpose

​          Jan 2015 Read more
  • Six out of 10 school leaders say safeguarding guidance failing to reduce bureaucracy

          Oct 2014 Read more

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